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Outsourced CFO &
Interim CFO Services

At Gunter Barrett & Kostmayer, our success is a result of tailoring our services around the needs of our clients. Our Outsourced CFO services provide financial leadership and strategic planning to growing clients who do not require a full time Chief Financial Officer. Avoiding the commitment and cost of a full time employee, our clients experience the value of our financial expertise and operations background as they guide their business to greater financial security.

Another service that Gunter Barrett & Kostmayer provides is interim financial leadership during times of transition at the CFO level. As your Interim CFO, our years of experience with budget preparation, accounting policies, financial statements, asset management, mergers and acquisitions, and cash flow management will effectively address the needs of your company and allow for a seamless management transition.

Creating A Successful Business Exit Strategy

Establishing an Exit Strategy or Succession Plan is an absolute necessity in order to maximize the value of your business. At Gunter Barrett & Kostmayer, we design and coordinate exit plans for start-ups and well established companies. By implementing business exit strategies in advance for our clients, they not only have an edge over the buyer at the time of sale, they have confidence in knowing that they are not “leaving money on the table.”

It is our experience with succession planning that most business owners do not know how prepare for the eventual sale of their company. Turning to Gunter Barrett & Kostmayer, they rely on our expertise in detailing the optimum financial and leadership conditions necessary to maximize their profits. We recognize that the sale of your business will be a once in a lifetime event. Our focus on consistency in financial reporting and internal controls ultimately allows the buyer to feel a greater sense of credibility – which may translate into a higher price.

We advise our clients how important flexibility is to an exit strategy. The definitive goal is to maximize the selling price. If the moment when the market appears to be peaking is two years shy of your anticipated exit date, keep in mind one pertinent thought: Nothing is worse than waiting until after the market crashes to sell.